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Meddis offers high quality holter analysis and reports. By using the Meddis upload application holter ECG data can be uploaded from every country in the world were an Internet connection is available. The customer will receive an English report via e-mail. Meddis offers 24 hours Holter analysis up to 7-days. Below the different possibilities are shown.

Rhythm and conduction disturbance

Creating a 24, 48, or 72 hour Holter recording is actually standard for analyzing rhythm and conduction disturbances. Studies show the additional value of a 48-hour Holter for the recording of ST-deviations, ventricular and supraventricular tachycardia and complaints related deviations.


Assessing ST-segment happens so a decision can be made about the presence of any ischemia or the influence of a (new) medicine on the oxygen consumption of the heart. A 48-hour holter has an additional value.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Recently we have seen, even in clinical practice, an increase in interest in the HRV analysis. In medical journals regularly appear publications, showing that HRV deserves a place as a prognostic method. Through analysis of the (ir)regularity of the sinus rhythm, the activity of the autonomic nervous system can be quantified.


This form of analysis gives a good insight into the functioning of the pacemaker and the response of the heart to this. There will be presented a complete overview, which show the relationship between the functioning of the pacemaker and the activity of the heart.

Meddis does also offer also QT-analysis, Pediatric analyses, Holters for Pets, and research.

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