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Meddis Holter Service was founded in 1988 and focuses on the analysis of Holters for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and pacemaker manufacturers. With a team of seven certified Holter analysts Meddis does more than 22.000 Holter analysis per year.

Meddis can say with pride they are the largest Holter analysis corporation of the Netherlands. Besides analyzing of Holters, Meddis also offers his services in the field of Cardiac Event recorders.

Quality analysts certified by NHV / SBHL, protocoled process and periodic quality audits..

Why Meddis?

Our team of holter analyzing specialists of continuity working for you during holidays and when it is extra busy in the hospital. You can concentrate on your core business and we analyze your holters.

All our holter analysts are fully trained and certified. The only thing they do is analyzing holter registrations for our customers, so they are not only fully trained but also very experienced. Together with the high quality equipment Meddis uses we can offer a high standard of quality.

Through our special developed upload application every customer can upload the holter ECG via the Internet to highly secured Meddis server. In case of emergency Meddis can analyze an holter within 30 minutes after you have discharged the patient and uploaded the data. This is as fast as customers can do themselves in a hospital environment, but we offer the high Meddis quality and experience.

Only successfully analyzed holters will be charged.

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