Vacancy holter analysis filled in

Vacancy holter analysis filled in

27 September 2019

Meddis Holterservice analyzes holter registrations for our customers (hospitals, veterinarians and research institutions). In connection with increasing growth in the number of holter registrations to be analyzed, we are looking to expand our holter analysis team. It is a part-time appointment for 20 hours a week. After a thorough training period, the work can be carried out from home.

It is a responsible and independent position within a team of certified, expert and experienced caveman analysts. It is the task and responsibility of the analysts to generate a high-quality report based on, for example. a careful holter analysis. Our customers must be 100% confident that the holter report is a true representation of the holter recording.

Protocol process

Binnen Meddis worden protocollair de holteranalyses uitgevoerd en de rapporten samengesteld. Het is primair dat onze nieuwe collega zich deze protocollaire werkwijze eigen maakt. Naast het bekend worden met de verschillende protocollen wordt u volop ondersteund met het werken met onze holteranalyse-software (Cardiac Navigator off Bittium).

Flexible working days & -times

We are flexible in terms of working days and times and these are always filled in by mutual agreement. In view of the training, it will logically be asked to carry out the work at the office in Roosendaal in the beginning.

Wish list new holter analysist

You will find our wish list in terms of characteristics of our new colleague under below:

  • completed heart function laboratory training (with specialization holter analysis)
  • experience as a cavity analyst is an advantage
  • can work accurately
  • independent work attitude within a team

If you believe you have the right qualities for this position, we would like to invite you to apply. You can e-mail your resume letter with resume to us ( or send to: PO Box 1550, 4700 BN in Roosendaal, the Netherlands job analyst.

We look forward to your application!

Contact with Meddis

Do you want to get in touch with one of our experts? Please contact us via 0165 – 550 648.

On our contact page you will find several contact options and our contact form.

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